3 Hard Truths About The Music Industry


Most musicians know one thing more than anything else; how to create music! When we go online seeking help from others, it is easy to be persuaded by the opinions of those who have reached success. Not to disregard their success, but some approaches only work for certain individuals.


4 Replies to “3 Hard Truths About The Music Industry”

  1. You forgot the main ones…
    Jealousy, bias, hating, no unity, selfishness… And most of all, fake!!! Who wants to support someone who is fake??? It’s over 100 rappers in Austin, Texas that have a rap fan base right? Not 1 of them have yet to blow… It’s hard to blow when you’re fake! Plus, fake doesn’t embrace real- only real does. And and, not my real or your real- it’s what’s real!!! If you a schoolboy, rap like a mutherfuckin schoolboy! If you a gangsta, rap like a mutherfuckin gangsta! If you a hobo, rap your hobo lifestyle you know? Too much fake and fear in Austin, Texas… I’m only speaking on Austin Texas. I’m about making money but I’m not a rapper and writing is a gift from God to me. I really want someone in Austin to blow up like fucking crazy!!! I could care less about a million bucks etc. All I care about is love and respect. Too Short said it best way back in the gap… “Why you gotta act like someone else, all you gotta do is just be yourself”! To whoever that’s reading this? Take heed and you just might succeed!!!

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