On The Road Again? 8 Items To Keep Stocked While On Tour


If you buy in bulk from the beginning, you’ll find that you can save some money in the long run, you know, for advertising and stuff. You learn a lot from traveling to gigs and talking to musicians & bands who stop by some of our favorite local venues. Here are 8 recommended items you should always keep stocked while on the road. They fall in no particular order!


  1. 24-pack of water (40 if you can find it)

    I always like to get a couple cases of water before I hit the road. Mainly to avoid paying $1-$2 every time I need one. Though the question “is this yours or mine” comes up from time to time, I think it is genuinely important to stay stocked on water. We all know hydration is key, so plan to always have an extra case in your trunk/under the tour bus at all times. If you want to be more eco-friendly, bring a jug or reusable bottle and fill up as you go…Though I am weary of drinking water from some of the towns I pass through.

  2. Your favorite candy, in BULK!

    Because why not??? Candy is a must on any road trip so go ahead and stock up in bulk before you leave. If you’re smart enough, you’ll skip Costco and go straight to the manufacturer to get an absurd amount of your favorite candy. Who knows, it might bring you a sponsorship deal… Starburst what up?

  3. Inhaler, trust me…

    I say this because I have an inhaler and have been on the road with my friends who do not have asthma nor an inhaler. You never know what environment you might end up in. There can be drastic altitude changes or someone having a panic attack of some sort. It is smart to have an inhaler just in case. Plus, if you’re becoming winded early on in your set, you might want to take a couple puffs before stepping on to the stage. It could help!

  4. Portable chargers (like 5)

    These things might be the most important item on the list. It doesn’t sound too crazy now, because you’re reading this on a fully charged device, but on the road these batteries can make a huge difference. Think about how much you are using your phone on the road. It is essential to update social media interact with fans and communicate with friends & family. You want to  avoid being in any situation where you end up saying “I didn’t get that because my phone was dead.” Side note, if you are not bringing your laptop, back up your phone and all your stored files on your computer before you hit the road 🙂 You can thank me later.

  5. Board games, cards, and dice.

    Sounds cheesy I know, but when you’ve been touring for weeks straight, you become a little delirious and a simple game of Monopoly or Connect-4 can become a lifelong memory. Plus, if you want to get all psychological, board games can show you how your crew handles decision making when under pressure. It can also keep your mind stimulated while traveling. Plus, you can pretty much make a ‘drinking game’ out of anything.

  6. Deodorant (2 x Costco packs)

    I feel like this one doesn’t require much explanation. Stay stocked because you are never guaranteed a shower on the road… Never.

  7. Recording Equipment for impromptu recording sessions.

    The best musicians in the world have recorded at least one song in a hotel room at some point, I can guarantee it. If you want to get the most out of your tour experience, bring some simple recording equipment with you. A microphone, couple monitor speakers and of course all the cables required. If you really want to maximize your quality, I’d recommend looking into purchasing a Kaotica Eyeball. They are on the pricey side, but every traveling artist should have one.

  8. CASH! *In Juicy J voice*

    Again, pretty self-explanatory, you will always need cash to cover some form of costs somewhere. My credit card company likes to cut my card off the second I make a purchase in a different state. I seem to always forget to call them in advance to inform them I am traveling, but good things I always keep cash on me. Cash can help you out of a lot of sticky situations and I think it is always good to be able to have enough cash to pay for whatever. I’ll let your imagination picture the limitless possibilities cash can acquire for you.

If you take my advice and stock up on some of these items BEFORE you hit the road, you are going to save some money and extra grocery store trips. Think I missed something? Let me know!





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